Frolic After School

Ambassadorship Program

The ambassadorship program is made for children who really love dogs, who want to learn more about dogs, and hope to have a future working with dogs. Children will need to take all levels of programming in order to become an ambassador.

(12 classes)

Children will learn how to teach a dog basic commands, properly care for a dog, and proper approach to dogs. By the end of the program they will be well prepared for the next level of ambassadorship (Coming Soon).

Once a week every Tuesday 4 pm-5 pm

Starting September 19th- December 12th

4-12 years old – $660

Training Program

(12 classes)

Our training program is for children who are interested in not only learning basic interactions with dogs, but how to properly train one as well. They will learn basic skills and dog commands.

Once a week every Wednesday 4-5 pm

Starting September 20th- December 13th

4-12 years old- $660

Vet Program

(12 classes)

Our vet program is for children who want to learn how to interact with dogs and also learn the medical aspects of dog care. They will start by learning basic skills and commands needed to interact with dogs and basic parts of a dog’s body. They can then move on to vet examination lessons, identifying dog illnesses, and shadowing a veterinarian.

Once a week every Thursday 4- 5 pm

Starting September 21th- December 14th

4-12 years old- $660

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