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WHY It's Important

Frolic believes in the importance of exposing children to new things while they’re still young. Our friendly dogs are the centerpiece for education and learning with all the fun you and your child can expect from a furry companion. We are dedicated to this work because we believe in the humane treatment of animals and want to promote this message to a greater audience through the care and training of our dogs.

Unleash Your Inner Dog

Educational Programs with Extra Bark


Frolic takes an exciting twist on children’s birthday parties by involving our dogs in on all the fun. Children will learn basic dog care and handling techniques all while enjoying food and cake. Our team is trained in the needs of your child and keeping them calm and safe while they enjoy.

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Classes & Events

At our classes & events, children and adults learn behavioral skills that they can take home by teaching them the difference between a trained dog and an untrained dog, all within the watch of a skilled professional. They will learn better manners while reveling in the fun that comes along with a furry companion.

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Children get the chance to experience the dogs from a new perspective at our summer camps. We take the the opportunity to teach the kids about animal welfare challenges in America and how they can do their part in becoming a part of the solution.

Meet Our Furry Companions

A Spotlight on our Furry Friends

The dogs are our stars here at Frolic, so we’d like for you to get to know them before your first visit. Frolic dogs are career change dogs that were adopted from the Guide Dog Foundation. To learn more about the Guide Dog Foundation visit GuideDog.org.



Patience is an adorable Lab/Golden-Mix that loves to work with kids!



Galileo is a laid-back, sweet Labrador Retriever. He is very attentive and eager to please!



Elvis is a black lab and Pandora’s half brother! He’s a very well socialized pup that loves kids and horses!


Meet The Frolic Director!

A Spotlight on our (Human) Professionals

Our skilled professionals are the beating heart of our programs. They are well trained and acclimated to our dogs’ unique personalities and provide only the best care for you and your children.

Lina Lerentracht

Lina Lerentracht Frolic Director

Lina has over 25 years of experience working with children.  She has a master’s in child development and in early childhood education.  She ran her own daycare center in Brooklyn from 1992-2008.  She also dedicated time in the past 10 years volunteering and fostering in animal shelters and with rescues.  In the past year, she has fostered over 40 dogs with In Our Hands Rescue.  She has helped get these dogs adopted and maintain a relationship with the adopters in an effort to make sure all their training and any of the dogs’ behavioral issues are addressed, with the goal to have a successful adoption experience.  Lina is very excited to bring her expertise and learn from the Biscuits & Bath experts, in an effort to create a great relationship for Frolic.

A Look Inside Frolic

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