Welcoming Chichy & Guide Dog Graduation

Welcoming Chichy & Guide Dog Graduation

Welcoming Chichy & Guide Dog Graduation

This past Wednesday, we adopted the next Frolic dog, Chichy, from the Guide Dog Foundation!

Chichy is a great candidate for a career at Frolic given her early years with a family and kids while she was being socialized and learning her basic manners. She is super affectionate and loves being scratched under her chin – she’ll NEVER say “no” to a belly rub. She has excellent house manners and, when alone, loves to relax on her bed with a toy. One of Chichy’s favorite activities, when she is with kids and parents, is to lie on someone’s feet while resting. She lived with a puppy raiser for approximately a year and received three months of advanced guide dog training. She didn’t show a strong enough interest in guide dog work which made her a great candidate for a career change to Frolic! Chichy looks forward to settling into her new routine and meeting her new friends and family at Frolic on the Upper East Side!

We also hosted Guide Dog Foundation’s graduating class of guide dogs with their new blind owners for their training day in the city. This will be one of many events we will host on a monthly basis to help give back to the Guide Dog Foundation.

When new owners are paired with their guide dog for the first time, they go to Guide Dog’s campus in Smithtown, Long Island where they stay on-site at their facility to learn how to work with their new helper. One of these days is spent going into a busy urban setting, NYC, to learn how to navigate the subway, streets, parks, and high traffic areas with their new companion. Frolic will be the destination for these sessions moving forward!

A small group of kids who have been selected from Frolic’s Ambassador Program will get the special honor of joining these Guide Dog events to better understand the important role these special dogs serve!

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