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Service Dog Learning

(12 Classes)

The Service Dog learning program teaches kids about service dogs and their role in the community. We will teach kids about how service dogs are trained, the large impact they make on people’s lives, and show them service dogs in action through volunteer work with the Guide Dog Foundation.

Overcoming Fear

(6 classes)

The overcoming fear course is specially designed for children who are nervous about interacting with dogs. It is important for them to learn how to have safe interactions with dogs, as they will encounter them often throughout their lives. We start the course without a dog present, instructing them on basic dog facts and skills. Then, we slowly start bringing the dog in for classes, by the end they can easily approach the dog and even teach it some commands.

Vet Program

Prerequisite ambassador level 2
(12 classes)

Our vet program is for children who want to learn how to interact with dogs and also learn the medical aspects of dog care. They will start by learning basic skills and commands needed to interact with dogs and basic parts of a dog’s body. They can then move on to vet examination lessons, identifying dog illnesses, and shadowing a veterinarian.

Grooming Program

(12 week)

Our grooming program is for children who are interested in not only learning basic interactions with dogs, but how to properly groom one as well. They will learn basic skills and dog commands, how to keep a dog calm on a grooming table, what to do if a dog is acting out, and then move into grooming skills like brushing, bathing and nail clipping.

Anti-Bullying Program

(4 week)

Children will learn about the “unlikely friendships” that blossom between dogs and other animals and how two people who are different can still get along. They will be taught basic dog training skills and will experience the love and support that comes with having a dog as a friend. They will also do some personal creative writing about bullying.

Young Entrepreneur Program

Prerequisite ambassador level 2
(12 classes)

The Young Entrepreneur program is for children who love dogs and want to see what it is like starting a dog-centric business. The children will set up and run a mini corporation where they each have title.

Ambassador Program

The ambassadorship program is made for children who really love dogs and hope to have a future working with dogs. Children will pass two levels of programming in order to become an ambassador. As an ambassador they will get to come in and help take care of the Frolic dogs, shadow Biscuits & Bath trainers, help host adoption events, and more.

Level 1

(12 classes)

This is the first level of our ambassadorship program. Children will learn how to teach a dog basic commands, properly care for a dog, basic dog health, and basic grooming skills. By the end of the program they will be well prepared for the next level of ambassadorship as well as our Young Entrepreneurs program.

Level 2

(12 classes)

Children will learn how to correct common dog misbehaviors, go more in depth into dog grooming, and learn about service dogs and animal welfare. They will be taking field trips to animal shelters and the Guide Dog foundation.

Level 3

(6 classes)

A child’s relationship with Frolic is only strengthened when they achieve ambassadorship. That child will now have opportunity to care for the Frolic dogs, help host adoption events, shadow Biscuits & Bath trainers and groomers and much more. These privileges will continues after they have finished the program.

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